Makeba's Approach

As your coach, I will NOT tell you what to do. We will have conversations and collectively decide your best course of action. We will work, talk, journal, study, read and do research as I encourage you to broaden your thinking. I can be your accountability partner, or you can connect with an accountability partner through our group coaching sessions. Yes, accountability partners work. Research has proven that more is achieved with consistent nudges of encouragement. These nudges will ignite you to take action towards success. We will work together to reach and surpass your goals, dreams and aspirations. We will clarify what you need, discuss strategies to get there and celebrate your accomplishments.

Meet Makeba

Makeba Evans is the Personal Development Coach who helps women take the necessary steps to balance being mom-all-the-time while embracing and developing the entrepreneur inside of them. As a child of God, wife, mother, grandmother, daughter, friend and beauty professional, Makeba has been counseling and guiding individuals through marriages, divorces, births, losses, college, retirement, starting and ending new businesses and navigating their way through life with its many peaks and valleys.

Next Steps

Schedule an appointment. We can have a conversation and discuss the direction your life is going in. What specific goals you have set and the plan you have to achieve them. Get you pen and paper ready. Let’s see what areas in your life I can coach you in.

Makeba Evans


Life is full of ups and downs, ins and outs. Being able to navigate through  hours, days, months, and years being full of light and life.

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Makeba Evans