What Does Your Credit Say About You?

What Does Your Credit Score For?

So, If you plan to finance anything, some jobs you may apply for check your credit, getting many kinds of insurance are just a few transactions in life that see how creditworthy you are to determine if they want to be affiliated with you and/or if they want you to be affiliated with them.

Check Your Credit Before You Need It

Keeping an eye on what your credit says about you is something you should know. As a real estate agent, I have encountered clients that know and clients that think they know what the bureaus are saying about their creditworthiness. If you were lending money to a stranger, where do you go to check this person’s ability to pay back the money they owe. Equifax, Transunion, and Experian. Don’t get antsy, shift in your seat or begin swearing. Credit is NOT a big bad 6 – letter word. It is business, nothing personal. But you need to be fiscally responsible with your CREDIT. 

Free Credit Report

How do you check your credit for FREE? Apply for something and get a free credit report. NO. There is a website that allows you to get free reports from each credit bureau.

Get Your FREE Reports Here

The feds have made this resource Free to you and me. You get a credit report. You get a credit report. You get a credit report. To stay on top of what is on your report, check one from this free site every quarter.

If you are about to make a big purchase….house, car, yacht, spaceship….check your credit and make sure WHO you have credit with are accurately telling your financial story. 

Not All Bureaus Created Equal

Not ALL companies report to all three bureaus. So do not get alarmed if you do not see the same creditor on ALL 3. Make sure what that company is saying about you on one report is the same on the other report it is reporting your info on.

Dispute – Dispute – Dispute

If you need to dispute anything, there are directions on the credit reports and most are as simple as clicking dispute and stating why you are disputing, from the website. Often times you may need to write a little something something and mail it into the credit bureau. You may also need to contact the creditor and create a paper trail for your interactions with them.

People make sure there are more good things on your credit than not so good and more good than bad things.

Makeba’s Says

make sure your credit is healthy before you need to make a big purchase. There is nothing like not being ready for game day when the team needs you.  So, check your credit before you need it. Offense is the best Defense

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