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What Does Your Credit Say About You? What Does Your Credit Score For? So, If you plan to finance anything, some jobs you may apply for check your credit, getting many kinds of insurance are just a few transactions in life that see how creditworthy you are to determine if they want to be affiliated with you and/or if they want …

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As Life Happens As beings in the universe, we need to have a plan and execute that plan without fear. In knowing we will be okay, we must embrace the potential bruises and still push through toward the journey. You do not know what is on the other side of this. Do you choose to stay where …

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Part 1❤️ The Truth About Our Youth Life Coach and Real Estate Agent, Makeba Evans has a sit down to talk about our troubled youth with a gentleman that works in that industry. We touch on young folks and street life, having to put on a false face to be safe, wanting to be loved and many more things our youth …

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Do You Want To Improve Your Live?

Deciding where you want to be can be the guide to get you there.
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